• Two years ago, I underwent surgery for a complete hip replacement. Not following the instructions of the doctor before my operation which was to walk with a cane to avoid injuring other parts of my body, I compensated a lot. I then developed a lumbar hernia that generated severe pains which were difficult to manage, and it’s been lasting for two years now.

    After many meetings with health specialists as well as taking different supplements, I was eventually offered as a gift, a box of PureHA . Working myself in the field of supplements, I was very skeptical since I had the opportunity to experiment a lot of products but without getting any lasting relief. I was pleasantly surprised and quite delighted that after only a week of taking PureHA , all my lumbar pains were gone. As a bonus, I found a deep sleep which is not negligible, and greatly appreciated!!!

    Thanks to PureHA !!

    Anne Loiselle, Terrebonne

  • I am 55 years old, I was diagnosed in 2013 of mild and severe osteoarthritis C4 to C7 with severe foraminal and spinal stenosis. I suffered throughout the year 2013 (taking anti-inflammatory, physiotherapy) and my doctor finally referred me for infiltration of cortisone which I received in January 2014. I also met a neurosurgeon who told me that he was not going to operate for the moment since I have no paralysis, except for the forefinger of my left hand that is numb!!

    I was recommended Novisyn+ and I saw a great improvement in the flexibility of my neck; I no longer have any stiffness in turning my head and I have seen a significant improvement in pain. I will continue to take Novisyn+ regularly. Thank you!

    Ms. Fortin, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu

  • I started taking Novisyn+ as a prevention for my health since I believe in the many benefits of hyaluronic acid. To my great surprise, my scalp dermatitis that I had for more than 10 years, subsided after a month and a half of consumption of Novisyn+ . A fantastic product!!

    Thérèse Ledoux, Brossard, QC

  • I am a paratrooper and I had a serious accident in June 2011 where I fractured both ankles. My left ankle still has some after-effects; Cracks, pains of temperature changes and discomfort in certain positions. In just a few days, Novisyn+ has contributed to the decrease in these symptoms. Thank you for making me discover this product!

    Ms. Julie Eyelom, L’Assomption, QC